Specialized Manufacturing



Specialized Manufacturing

At Anderson Industires we use the latest manufactuing technologies, experienced knowledge, and innovative ideas to solve problems efficiently. We pride ourselves as being an industry leader in specialized custom manufacturing. While most custom manufacturers only want focus on high volume, we have a dedication to the low volume, tooling/fixturing, pattern making, and prototype needs of our customers. Components such as these require much more attention to detail. We approach these components with our customers in a consultative partnership approach...working together to exceed your expectations. 



Serving your low volume, one-off, prototype, and fixturing demands



Anderson Industries started as the result of a need for specialized tooling and foundry pattern making. We understand the value in efficient tooling/fixturing and in patterns. These tools are essential to your manufacturing success and attention to detail is a must. Our dedication is to provide the most efficient, most dynamic, most useful, and most cost effective tooling and patterns in the industry. 



Fixturing and tooling for low volume or single prototype weldments can often create added cost to those pieces. Investment into fixturing and tooling for such pieces can sometimes be cost prohibitive. At Anderson Industries we address this situation with modular fixturing. With our precision modular fixturing tables we can rapidly build a temporary yet ultra accurate fixture for your low volume or single prototype weldments. Our capacities allow for small weldments up to larger complex weldments. 







As part of our complete process custom manufacturing we customize tooling and fixturing per customers requests. We also provide custom tooling and fixturing and construction for customers needs within their own facilities. 


  • Jointly work with customers to construct tooling and fixturing best suited for their respective needs 

  • Consultive approach

  • Overhaul existing tooling and fixturing





WIth our foundry we understand the importance of proper and detailed patterns for quality castings. We work jointly with our foundry customers to design, build, and maintain precise patterns for their casting needs. We also provide pattern making for customers in need of patterns only for their respective projects. 


  • Urethane
  • Aluminum
  • Metal
  • Wood







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